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Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma

Is a continuous improvement culture with the tool box of a Japanese methodology known as Lean Six Sigma. Performs as a team to develop  activities that create value to your company in an efficient environment, reducing  waste and  time, with the collateral effect to improve the quality of your products.

The tools to an efficient performance are,

.  Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s)

.  Operations Continuous Improvements program

.  D.M.A.I.C Methodology and Tools

.  Kaizen method

.  S.I.P.O.C.

.  Root Cause Analysis (Ishikagua)

.  Value stream Mapping

.  5’s

.  Takt Time Analysis

.  Pokayoke

.  Critical to Quality

.  Lead Time

.  Gemba Walk

.  Kanban

.  Pareto Chart

.  Change Over Speed / S.M.E.D.

.  Cellular Manufacturing Design

.  Waste Identification

.  Efficiency Metric System